Sunday, August 16, 2009

open source semweb api /toolkit(s)

Been working on some open source semweb tools / api toolkits.

Here the list so far:

little turtle: A OWL-S model creation tool based on the jena api
bainbridge: Wrappers around ARQ to help process SPARQL Queries
casimir pulaski: convience wrappers for the jena api
bette graham: RDF based project configuration API
charles brooks: an RDF modeling tool
ziba: Execution of linked open data bound to java classes
three ton: api for java reflection and db schema inspection
molly pitcher: A simple sparql endpoint
Cyrus McCormick: An ontology mapping toolkit

Trive: Trive (TRiple store over hIVE ): A virtual triple store over Hive
von steuben: convience wrappers around the hadoop API

mavenpublisher: a semantic web maven publishing toolkit

Running into problem, hitting max # of accounts for web hosting. Will be rolling up into a common build root for some of the smaller utility projects like bette, pulaski, bainbridge. Perhaps another for littleturtle, charlesBrooks. Maybe a third for hadoop stuff like von steuben and trive.

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