Saturday, April 11, 2009

OWL-S, TiGRNET, and Semantic Sensors

Looking back at some previous posts, OWL-S is the perfect choice for building processes around these technologies. If the data coming from a TiGRNET application (pics, weather, misc sensors) are defined in a ontology, discovery and processing could be done without much custom software using OWL-S.

The OWL-S Ontology for Services provides a simple means of organizing TiGRNET data by profiles, models, and groundings. The service profile tells "what the service does"; that is, it gives the type of information needed by a service-seeking agent to determine whether the service meets its needs. A service grounding specifies the details of how an agent can access a service. Typically a grounding may specify some well know communications protocols.

If a TiGRNET clone was available to all, custom streams could be build from multiple sources, sensors, friends feeds, etc. It would be like Twitter on steriods.

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